CalypsoAI Moderator

The solution for organizations to use LLMs Securely

Large Language Models

The key to safe and secure LLM use

Interacting with LMs can be a complex process, often requiring data to be sent outside of the corporate network to third-party vendors. This presents a critical challenge: ensuring the data being sent does not contain proprietary or other sensitive information. Additionally, using LMs can make IP available to others directly or in an abstract form, and that data can be stored on servers controlled by third parties with unknown security protections.

To address these challenges, CalypsoAI Moderator measures the quality of data by assessing the accuracy of the information provided by LMs. Our solution compares the results of multiple LLMs to ensure that the data is accurate and reliable, enabling organizations to make more informed decisions based on trusted, verified data.

CalypsoAI Moderator Features

LLM Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention

Data Quality Verification for LLMs

Data Quality Verification

Full Auditability for LLMs

Full Auditability

Malicious Detection for LLMs

Malicious Detection

Jailbreak Prevention for LLMs

Jailbreak Prevention

Privacy & Data Security for LLMs

Privacy & Data Security

Acceptable Use Policy Implementation for LLMs

Acceptable Use Policy Implementation

Easy-To-Use Interface for LLMs

Easy-To-Use Interface

Ease of Deployment

As global leaders in the AI security domain, we empower enterprises to leverage the immense potential of Large Language Models confidently and without risk.

Model Agnostic

CalypsoAI Moderator is model agnostic and can be used with various platforms powered by Large Language Models including ChatGPT.

Deploys in Under 60 Minutes

Deploy CalypsoAI Moderator quickly into your live environment, securing your organization against LLM risks immediately.

All Data Stays Within Your Organization

CalypsoAI does not process your store your organization's data. It will never leave your ecosystem.

Jim Routh CalypsoAI Advisor

“CISOs recognize the need to put the right governance model in place to help business innovation in the use of LLMs without causing data leakage challenges, along with inaccurate and ineffective results."

Jim Routh, Former CSO/CISO for American Express, DTCC, KPMG, Aetna, CVS, and MassMutual

LLM Security Use Cases

Data loss prevention for LLMs

Data Loss Prevention

Learn how CalypsoAI MODERATOR helps stop Intellectual Property from leaving the business...

Jailbreak prevention for LLMs

Jailbreak Prevention

Learn how CalypsoAI MODERATOR thwarts attempt to bypass system safeguards...

Malicious Code Detection for LLMs

Malicious Code Detection

Learn how you can identify and block malware by using CalypsoAI MODERATOR solution...

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