Malicious Code Detection

CalypsoAI Moderator is the #1 solution to securing your system from data infiltration via large language models, thus preventing costly data breaches and protecting your organization's intellectual property.

The risks an organization faces from the introduction of damaging or even just poor-quality code from an unknown, unvetted source run the gamut from minor glitches in product performance to catastrophic system failures. However, even small disruptions to a software-dependent system can cause operational impacts, including physical operations and infrastructure, and financial losses due to downtime. CalypsoAI Moderator is a proven solution for blocking threat actors from using malicious content in an LLM response to infiltrate your organization’s ecosystem.

CalypsoAI Moderator identifies and blocks malware

Malicious Code sent via an LLM

An engineer asks the LLM for an example of code that will help them get past an obstacle in the code they are writing. One of two outcomes occurs: The LLM provides an accurate example of source code, but the code contains malicious imports that are not obvious to the engineer. The code provided by the LLM works and is not malware, but it is a poor-quality solution that then becomes an integral part of the product and causes functionality issues down the line.

Malicious code sent via LLM
Malicious code sent puts organization at risk

How does this put your organization at risk?

In either case, untested code is introduced into the organization’s source code and deployed with no oversight or due diligence. The potential exists for damage to the system dependent on the code, whether that system is a product, a technical operation, or infrastructure controls, which could lead to reputational harm, financial losses, and diminished consumer trust, if not even more serious issues.

Scan every incoming response

CalypsoAI Moderator scans every incoming response for malicious code, such as spyware or malware. If such content is detected, it is blocked from entering the system. All details of the interaction are recorded, providing full auditability and attribution, aiding in root cause analyses.

scan LLM responses

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