LLM Security for the Finance Industry

CalypsoAI Moderator safeguards sensitive data for financial organizations using LLMs

Financial data is some of the most sensitive data in the AI ecosystem and, as such, it faces threats from many angles. Personal consumer data, ranging from credit card numbers and identity numbers to account balances and spending habits, is under constant attack from identity theft rings, scammers, and other bad actors, and breaches can incur significant penalties for the organizations charged with protecting the data. Attacks on financial data can affect not only the institutions breached, but can have damaging effects on the reputation of the industry, long-term investment strategy, and financial markets in general. The inevitability of large language model (LLM) adoption across the field adds one more layer of concern.

CalypsoAI Moderator is the only holistic, LLM-agnostic approach to safeguarding data while deploying LLMs at scale and across the enterprise. 

Financial buildings
LLM use scenarios


An employee working on a highly confidential project includes the project name in a prompt to an LLM. Even though doing so was against company policy, there was no safeguard in place to prohibit it.

LLM use risks


The company’s confidential information included in the prompt by the sender has been shared with an unauthorized third party and now resides on that system. The security of the third-party system is unknown, potentially exposing the information to additional risk of dissemination if that system is breached. The project information could also be included in the LLM’s knowledge base and, therefore, be accessible to all users, putting the organization’s competitive advantage at risk and potentially leading to financial loss and diminished shareholder value.

LLM use solutions


CalypsoAI Moderator’s data loss prevention scanner is customizable to include user-established terms, such as employee numbers, and time-limited content, such as the project name and other intellectual property. The identified information is blocked before it leaves your organization and the user is alerted that their prompt must be revised prior to being sent. All details of the interaction, including the prompt content, sender, LLM, and date and time, are recorded, providing full auditability and attribution. Beyond protecting proprietary content, CalypsoAI Moderator safeguards your organization’s operations by ensuring all LLM transaction data remains within the organization. CalypsoAI does not harvest telemetry or any other data about your organization’s LLM interactions.

CalypsoAI Moderator Features

Data loss prevention LLMs

Data Loss Prevention

Data Quality Verification - LLMs

Data Quality Verification

Full Auditability for LLMs

Full Auditability

Malicious Detection for LLMs

Malicious Code Detection

Jailbreak Prevention for LLMs

Jailbreak Prevention

Privacy and Data Security for LLMs

Privacy & Data Security

Acceptable Use Policy Implementation for LLMs

Acceptable Use Policy Implementation

Easy-To-Use Interface for LLMs

Easy-To-Use Interface

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