Safe Adoption  of ChatGPT and Large Language Models

If your team is using LLMs, like ChatGPT, then you are risking the security of your organization

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Protect against critical AI Security risks

Data Loss Prevention for LLMs

Data Loss Prevention

Data Quality Verification for LLMs

Data Quality Verification

Full Auditability for LLMs

Full Auditability

Malecious Detection for LLMs

Malicious Code Detection

Jailbreak for LLMs

Jailbreak Prevention

Privacy and Data Security for LLMs

Privacy & Data Security

Acceptable use Implementation for LLMs

Acceptable Use Policy Implementation

Easy to use interface for LLMs

Easy-To-Use Interface

LLM Security Use Cases

Data Loss Prevention Use Case

Data Loss Prevention

Learn how CalypsoAI Moderator stops Intellectual Property from leaving the business...

Jaibreak Prevention use case

Jailbreak Prevention

Learn how CalypsoAI Moderator thwarts attempts to bypass system safeguards...

Malicious Code Detection use case

Malicious Code Detection

Learn how CalypsoAI Moderator blocks malicious code from entering your system...

LLM Security for Your Industry


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Industry Insights

Testimonial - Jim Routh

“CISOs recognize the need to put the right governance model in place to help business innovation in the use of LLMs without causing data leakage challenges, along with inaccurate and ineffective results."

Jim Routh, Former CSO/CISO for American Express, DTCC, KPMG, Aetna, CVS, and MassMutual

Testimonial David Spirk

Large Language Models are changing industry…precision matters and the security of your data is key. CalypsoAI Moderator ensures your use of LLMs is secure and safe."

Dave Spirk, Former Chief Data Officer of the United States Department of Defense

Testimonial Dr. Gary McGraw

Machine learning security as a field reminds me of software security 23 years ago. CalypsoAI is leading the world in creating technical controls that manage AI risk appropriately."

Dr. Gary McGraw, globally recognized expert on software security, Co-Founder of the Berryville Institute of Machine Learning, and best-selling author

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